Creating Your Reality

Creating Your Reality

We all want one thing: a better reality. Perhaps a happier one, a healthier one, or a more fulfilling one. Whichever resonates with you, switch gears into “Creator Mode.” A better reality all starts with your mind. Thinking of your desired reality is equivalent to planting a seed. When you are in Creator Mode, anything is possible and nothing is far-fetched. Let go of any apprehensions and self-doubt. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING must have a beginning.

Now, let’s water our seed: Action. Think of some ways that you can achieve your desired reality. Make a plan that will help get you closer. If you want a healthier reality, do you need to buy healthier food, meal prep, find a workout class you love, or wake up earlier to exercise? Make a plan—a short one—and take action.

Sunlight: Energy. Mindset can completely change how you approach a task. Are you excited about the opportunity to move your body and work out, or are you dreading it? Give your desired reality good energy. A gratitude mindset can make each task a little more enjoyable, and the more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to do it.

Time & consistency. Just like a plant needs consistent water, sunlight, and time to grow, so do we. Take it one day at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself by attaching your goals to a long-term commitment. Reaching your daily goals, just one day at a time, is good enough. Stay consistent and remember that slow progress is better than no progress. Give yourself the time and stay consistent.

“Success doesn’t come by what you do occasionally,
it comes from what you do consistently.”  - Marie Forleo


The power of expectancy. When you plant a seed, you expect a plant to grow. The intention is set, and you are ready for the outcome. Keep the same energy within yourself. Plant the seed of your desired reality and grow it with the power of expectancy. Stay positive and ready to receive the reality that you have created in your mind. Ask, act, believe, and receive.



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