This water bottle was inspired by the Dr. Masaru Emoto water experiment. In this experiment, he showed the connection between the water inside the jars and the words that were labeled on the outside of the jars.
The vibration from the words did the unthinkable and were transmitted into the state of the water. The water jars labeled with high frequency / positive words such as love, gratitude, and beauty remained clean. However, the jars labeled with low vibrational or negative words became dirty, cloudy, and moldy.
The high vibrational words allow you to keep them in mind for yourself and set an intention for the hour that you are drinking.
After all, what we think about we bring about. 
Aside from the hourly reminders to stay positive - utilizing this reusable water bottle will reduce our use of plastic and help us stay hydrated.
 So let's all do our part in saving the planet & spreading good vibes.